Krug Grand Cuvée

by Vilma Mazaite

So when I thought everything was going according to plan, my plan goes belly up. Just a week before the crazy holiday season in Aspen, I decided to go out. It was a very special night, the Krug party, so nothing could to stop me. Many Krugs later, I ended up dancing, but as my friends described it, it more like raging. I wasn’t drunk by any means, just very happy, after all, I had plenty of Krug in my system. After a move on a dance floor that I can’t exactly recall, I saw white stars and everything went blank for a few seconds. It was my knee. The pain went away or at least I couldn’t feel it after quite a bit of champagne consumption. The next day was a different story – it looked like a soccer ball.  I had to work I think 14 days straight after the incident, which of course didn’t help. Apparently I tore my meniscus, on the same knee I tore my ACL 2 years ago. So I had to have surgery and this time I couldn’t postpone it. I think my moving to Austin will have to wait a week or so.

I don’t exactly remember what happened on the dance floor that night, but I remember exactly what I drank. Of course, it was Krug only, but one particular bottle was more special than others. The evening started with a Jeroboam (3 liter) bottle of Krug Grand Cuvee. Everything tastes better from a large bottle. Why? There is defiantly a science behind it. Well, first the oxygen amount that gets into large bottle vs. regular size bottle is almost the same, but the ratio of the wine in the bottle to that oxygen is very different. It means that a large format bottle will most likely age longer. That Jeroboam of Krug Grand Cuvee was divine. You don’t end up tasting wine shipped directly from winery in this format every day. I was feeling very lucky. It was actually before the dancing had occurred, so I kept feeling lucky, meaning I kept having several glasses. I know I have talked about Krug over and over again, but it truly is my favorite wine. How could it not be? It is damn good. And maybe because I would never be able to afford a jeroboam bottle, I appreciate even more that it’s simply given to me to enjoy it. And the evening with Krug from now on will have more meaning to me than ever. It is, after all, not the first time that Krug made me so happy that I want to dance my ass off… and my knees.

At the end of the day, it was all worth it. I had an amazing night, it just costing me a lot of pain, but that will pass. Everything great in life has a price. I truly believe in that. If you receive something extraordinary, you have to give back; in a different form, but you have to share your gift.  My injury happened at a bad time, but I am glad it happened now. I am surrounded by my best friends, who have taken such a great care of me, and I promise I will share Krug in the future.

Cheers, Vilma

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