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by The Kitchen Hotline

It has not been my luckiest year so far, especially when it comes to injuries. I always made fun of my sister for her clumsiness, but I guess it runs in the family. Now I officially have more scars than she does. It’s not like I am counting or being proud of it,   I am just being clear that I can’t roller skate (I broke my wrist), dance (I tore my meniscus), ski (I tore my ACL), or cycle (I fell really hard and ripped tons of skin). What is left? Jogging has been ok and doesn’t seem to get me in trouble.  The problem, however, is that I get bored really easily, so will have to replace jogging with something else pretty soon. What can I do instead?  Sex? Yes, but that’s more like a bonus feature; I need something more consistent for an exercise routine.  Please send your recommendations my way.

Since my wrist fracture I have not been very active, which doesn’t translates into less eating or drinking – I feel like this part of my life will always be consistent. I tend to get bored, so that’s why I try lots of different things. Last week I went to Houston for a meeting and had chance to eat at Oxheart. I had heard great reviews about the restaurant and mine is no different, it was a delicious dinner. Every single time I’m in Houston it surprises me. Oxheart is located in downtown (if you have been to Houston’s downtown, you would know how shocking this sounds), but it is tucked in behind the ugliness, a small pocket of really cool streets that is reminiscent of New York City’s Meat Packing District. There is no sign for the restaurant, so you really have to look for it.  It’s a small place that feeds about 30 people a night and runs a wait list for reservations. My friend had the vegetarian tasting menu and I ordered the summer menu.  It was balanced, flavorful, and decadent experience. Gently steamed halibut with miso and pinenut paste was one of most clean and tasty fish dishes I have ever had.

What did we drink? Kiralyudvar Pezsgo, Sparkling Furmint, Hungary, 2008. You know how I feel about bubbles and this bottle made me giggle from excitement. For $69 I got a lot of wine. Hungary is famous for its sweet tokaji, but recently a lot of dry wines have been emerging and they are absolutely worth searching for. I wish I could drink champagne every day.  I can’t, but honestly I am glad I can’t, it forces me to experiment with different options. Imagine having the best lover in the world, but the same one all the time. Well, it sounds fantastic, but you will never know if you don’t dare to compare. That’s why I like variety. Don’t get me wrong, I know who my best lover is. The secret is that they all are good, but in different ways. My every day lover is easy, not pretentious, not difficult, not deep, but rather light, happy, has good sense of humor, and knows what I like. It sounds like I am talking about a real guy, but actually it’s all what my dinner and wine that night made me feel. I officially will call Kiralyudvar Pezsgo my every day lover. I am a very lucky girl. And I am willing to share it.

My body has gone through few unpleasant and painful experiences. I have not been gentle to it. At least I can repay it with great food and wine. Beauty comes from within. Who cares about few scars and crooked bones?  Please, drink and eat well.

Cheers, Vilma

Kiralyudvar website

Oxheart website



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