Cooking with Knowledge is all about understanding food  and its relationship to your overall health.  We are what we eat.  The healthier the foods we put into our bodies the healthier we will be.  But health isn’t the only reason to use locally sourced in-season foods.  Eating and purchasing food that is in season allows you to support your local farmers, ranchers and economy more directly.  It also means you spend your money more wisely and responsibly.  Canned, frozen, pickled and dried locally produced foods processed during their natural peak season will usually taste better and be more economical than fresh foods that are purchased out of season.

Cooking with Knowledge is a hands-on cooking class that focuses on preparing foods with locally sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

Private events are available.  Perfect for bridal showers, birthdays, team building, corporate retreats, and any other special occasion in any location.  For more information call The Kitchen Hotline at 1877 773 8485.

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